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  • Ultimo GT BEWARE Fraud SCAM COMPANY !! Ultimogt Company check fraud found !!

      Nipparts Malta placed orders with UltimoGT and never received shipment even though full payment had been transferred. The company failed to deliver the products or refund the money back despite several attempts to contact the latter. Do not be fooled by the competitive prices this company has to offer.

      Key contacts for Ultimo GT:

      Mark Fordham
      Stacey Millers
      Shazad Chohan

      UltimoGT Company check Fraud found . Ultimo GT company check Fraud found this company is frauding all over the UK and Europe

    • Shazad Chohan company check fraud and scams 

      Shazad Chohan CEO of Ultimo GT is not the person you want to do business with he has been scamming companies all over Europe with his brand Ultimo GT. Several companies made orders and payed in full and never got any coolant or engine oil's including our company. We will be opening a case in the coming week with Shazad Chohan so if you are reading this post we can help you out. Sending us your proof we can have a strong case against Shazad and stop the scamming and fraud he is doing and get our money back.

      Shazad Chohan has many cases in property scamming also lets not let him get away with this if you have any info email us with the proof you have. Ultimo GT also had removed there ebay shop due to all the bad feed backs and negative posts customers were leaving them so they put the shop down. I am sure many of you out there that received there email to become a dealer will be safe do to the info we are providing you so you will not get scammed. 

      UltimoGT Company check Fraud found . Ultimo GT company check Fraud Shazad Chohan

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