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  • yuasa leisure battery
      • LeisureLine - leisure batteries

        Reliable leisure batteries for caravans and marine applications

        Yuasa LeisureLine are designed for leisure applications including caravans and marine use. They can be relied on to provide the maximum number of cycles when it’s not possible or practical to plug in to the mains.

        Key Benefits of LeisureLIne leisure batteries
        Ideal for caravans and leisure use
        Maximum safety protection and venting

        Ultimate Performance
        The Leisureline leisure battery has been developed especially for the European Leisure market. Yuasa has many years experience with leisure batteries and has used its extensive understanding of the market to design a battery that can meet the unique needs and requirements of its customers.

        Maintenance Free
        All Leisureline leisure batteries conform to the relevant section of EN50342:2006 for maintenance free characteristics (LWL – low water loss). This means that when used in approved applications that operate in normal conditions, it is not necessary to add water to the battery.

        Leisureline leisure batteries are maintenance possible not impossible, the batteries are designed to be topped up if water loss has occurred. Excess water loss can be caused by many things; amongst the most common are a charging system fault, prolonged operation in hot climates and excessive charging.

        Flame Arrestor
        Leisureline leisure batteries feature a Flame Arrestor disc built into the lid. This provides complete protection from external sparks. This is particularly important for the leisure battery as they tend to be manually handled more frequently and charged off the vehicle; consequently they are more likely to be exposed to sparks.

        Deep Cycle
        The Leisureline leisure batteries have been designed to maximise the deep cycle capability through innovative plate formulations and design. Typically each Leisureline battery will cycle to 50% charge and back, 120 times. 

        Charge Indicator
        A charge indicator gives an indication at a glance of the battery's state of charge. It provides information on the energy available from your battery and can potentially avoid a service problem in the near future.
        Green: Battery is charged (typically 60% plus). It should provide ample power for your leisure activities.
        Black: The battery's state of charge is not in its optimum state. The battery should be recharged. If the battery has been left connected for a while, check any current drain from recently fitted devices or interior lamps.
        Clear: Check electrolyte level and refill with distilled water. Excessive topping up would suggest a review of your charging method.

        Safety Venting
        Leisureline leisure batteries feature end venting. This allows the gases that are produced during charging to be piped to the atmosphere as specified and required by many vehicle manufacturers (subject to type, see specification table).

        Performance Optimised Grid Technology
        The grid designs of the Yuasa Leisureline leisure battery have been optimised to ensure maximum battery life and a consistently high number of deep cycles.

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