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    • Yuasa Batteries

      Yuasa are world leaders in valve regulated lead-acid battery design and manufacture and have automotive battery, industrial battery and motorcycle battery distributors all over the world.

      This site contains detailed information on a wide range of Yuasa products from the latest in automotive batteries, including AGM batteries, commercial vehicle and leisure batteries, to the world’s most reliable valve regulated lead acid batteries including the famous NP range, and long life endurance batteries for industrial applications.

      Detailed and downloadable information on all our automotive batteries and industrial batteries including car battery selectors and power calculators to help you select the right battery to suit the application or vehicle.

  •    YUASA ybx3000                                   YUASA ybx5000                                   YUASA YBX7000
    • /yuasa-batteries-malta/YBX7000
  •    yuasa ybx9000                                     YUASA LEISURE                                YUASA Marine
    • /yuasa-batteries-malta/YBX9000
    • /yuasa-batteries-malta/leisure
    • /yuasa-batteries-malta/marine
  • yuasa motorcycle                       yuasa mf motororcycle                yuasa backup system
    • /yuasa-batteries-malta/yumicron
    • /yuasa-batteries-malta/mf-vrla
    • /yuasa-batteries-malta/backup-system
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